If you want to hire a Ferrari, Lamborghini, Audi R8 then we have what you need. We are one of the only Supercar hire firms in the country with a Lamborghini Aventador

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LaFerrari is the first hybrid Hypercar produced by Ferrari, This Hypercar has the highest power output of any Ferrari. LaFerrari’s internal combustion engine is a mid-rear mounted Ferrari F140 V12 with a 6.3-litre engine ,capacity producing 789 horsepower at 9000 rpm and 700 N·m 520 lbf·ft of torque. It has same KERS Technology as Formula 1 McLaren Mercedes and Ferrari which provides the LaFerrari short bursts of extra power. The KERS Technology adds an extra 161 BHP to the combustion engine,total 950 BHP

6.3-litre V12 engine
7-speed dual-clutch transmission
rear-wheel drive
top speed of 227mph
950 BHP


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