Who we are

At Limo and Supercar Hire, we are a luxury car hire agency that is truly a one stop shop for all the most luxurious and classy cars out there on the market. Our services are offered in many of the major cities around the country including London, Leeds, Manchester, Bradford, and Birmingham. Our job is to make the process of selecting the right car for your special event easier for you by offering not only a wide variety of luxury car brands such as Lamborghini, Audi, Mercedes, Rolls Royce, Ferrari, Range Rovers, etc, but we also offer the most top tier luxury vehicle services such as helicopters and horse driven carriages! Regardless of the type of vehicle that you are looking for to hire for your special event, you name the vehicle, and we have got it!

What we do

When you, our cherished client, first come to us to find out the type of services we can provide you with, the first thing we do is to ask about you in return. We go out of our way to understand exactly what your requirements are in nitty gritty details, down to the type of event you would like to hire the car for, the number of passengers who will be riding in the vehicle, the date you will need the car, etc. Doing so helps us help you find the best fit for your needs so that your dream of arriving on a special day in style can come true. Upon analyzing your needs, we put forward a few recommendations with a handful of handpicked luxury cars from our fleet, from which you can make your final choice. Because we care deeply about us providing you with the best service experience and making sure nothing ruins the quality of a day this is perhaps among the most special days of your life, we make it possible for you to inspect and compare the cars for yourself in real time or through virtual galleries on our website. This is done so that you can make an informed decision about us the luxury car that you hire for your special occasion and make sure your money is invested well, and be confident that your decision will pay off! Last but not least, once you have decided upon the car that you want to hire for your event, should you feel the need for it, the décor and such of the luxury car can also be customized to meet the theme and concept of the event you will be riding the luxury car to. For instance, say you want to hire a limousine for your wedding day for the bride or groom to arrive in it. You can have the interiors of the limousine customized such decorations such as in white, to match the exact theme of your wedding for a seamless and cohesive vibe so that everything ties in well together.

Our mission

Looking for a vehicle for a special event can already be hectic enough as it is, especially if it is part of the event planning, which would mean that you have to start shopping for the right car months in advance and looking far and wide to find a luxury car that fits your requirements perfectly and still remains well within your budget without taking up too much of it. Unfortunately, many luxury car hire service providers only have service packages and offers that provide you with bells and whistles and nothing more. If a certain company specializes in providing good chauffeur services, for example, they lack in other areas such as the quality of vehicles and the quality of the services they provide. To make the process as simple as possible, our mission is to do the bulk of the work for you by being the one station where you will find everything you need, and no aspect of our luxury car hire services will ever be compromised. At Limo and Supercar Hire, you will easily be able to shop for the car that fits your requirements, compare with other options that would make good contenders, pick a car and have it customized to your needs, and finally book the car for your occasion and sit back and relax as we make this once in a lifetime experience for you the most memorable one!

Our vision

The vision at Limo and Supercar Hire is to become one of the industry leading luxury car hire services in the major cities of the UK where we serve our cherished clientele including, London, Leeds, Manchester, Bradford, and Birmingham. Because we are confident that our standard of excellence and quality of services that we provide to you are paralleled by next to none, we believe it is our responsibility to provide these services to as many of you out there seeking luxury cars for hire as possible. And to do this our strategy is one that is customer centric because we think that is the best way of turning our vision into reality. At Limo and Supercar Hire, we work hard to make sure we never compromise on the relationship of trust and reliance that we have built with our customers, by making sure all their desires, worries, and concerns are taken into account. Once we understand what you need, we are at a great disposition of providing you a quality of service you will be hard pressed to find elsewhere, and one that will leave you 100% satisfied!

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